business and house

When people asked whether purchase a house or business at the time people have enough money, quite a few people would chose to buy a house because of its living value. However, I believe, nowadays, purchasing business is a wise decision for majority. My view is based on the following reasons.

The first and the most persuasive reason is that business always bring income incessantly for people who have the courage to invest the business, including fruits shop, cloth store, book store

and all kinds of business. Now people in growing numbers are coming to be aware that the more amount of money you put on business, the more considerable profits you will receive. This shows a typical instance that when a farmer takes the cash that he made from the whole life, C ontrary to expectations, he set up a fruits shop by the cash instead of purchasing a house. Furthermore, after learning some classes of management, the fruits shop become the most popular shop in that town. As you can see, It is not so long before the famer got his first bucketful gold. What’s more, the story have not be finished. The foresighted man was not satisfied about