Topics for practice

english oral

Topics for Practice

Part I:Mini-Presentation

In this part each candidate is asked to choose one from three business topics (A, B, C) and give a short talk on it for about one minute. Candidates have one minute to prepare. After that, they have to answer a question their partner asks about their talk. (about 5 minutes)

Topic 1

What is important when starting a new job?

---- knowledge of company procedures

--- help from company staff

--- the first impression

Topic 2

What is important when selecting staff for marketing trips abroad?

--- the command of foreign language

--- position in the company

--- previous experiences of working in other countries

Topic 3

What is important when dealing with a heavy workload?

--- time management

--- sharing tasks

--- technology

Topic 4

What is important when developing new products?

--- market research

--- pricing

Topic 5

What is important when exhibiting at a trade fair?

--- quality of display

--- staff selected

--- written information

Topic 6

What is important when entertaining clients?

--- types of activities

--- cost

--- attendee

--- venue

Topic 7