Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?重点详解及练习(新版)


Ⅰ.words: quietly—quiet+ly clearly loudly fantastic serious(more serious/ the most serious)

information primary school

talented 1)be talented in sth.

2)be interested in sth.

3)be good at =do well in …做得好 be good for 对…有益

necessary (it is necessary/important for sb. to do sth.)

similar 1) look similar: My brother and I look similar.

2) be similar to

ⅡPhrase (短语):

singing competition

care:1) take care 小心=watch out

2) take care of

3) care about 关心

reach 到达 1)reach somewhere reach the station reach Shanghai

2)arrive in +大地点(Beijing)arrive at +小地点(station)

3)get to+ 地点 get to the school

注意:如果接there, here, home 等这样的副词时,去掉前面的介词eg. get home , get there, arrive here

as long as

both 用法both 用在be动词后行为动词前 We are both students.

We both feel like sleeping.

Both A and B+复数形式

Both of sb. +复数形式

both 和all 的区别:both 表示“两者都”, all 表示“三者或三者以上都”

the same as ←→1.be different from (there are some differences between A and B)

2.make a difference to sb./sth.对….产生影响。

In fact