Unit 5 Nelson Mandela学案(新人教版必修1)


Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero



1. We had a ________(平静的)afternoon without the children.

2. The drug was tested over a five-week ____.(时期)

3. He was permitted to ______(继续)with his work while in prison.

4. You're putting me in rather a difficult ____(形势).

5. The hills were covered with a thick ____(毛毯)of snow.

6. In general, children of ____(受到教育过的) parents tend to get better grades.

7. When marchers gathered on a third day of protest, ____(暴力)erupted and buildings were burned.

8. The school has a system of ____(奖金)and punishments to encourage good


9. I was sure he was involved in some kind of ____(罪犯) activity .

10. People fled in ____(恐怖) as fire tore through the building.


1.丧失勇气或信心 ______

2.处于不幸中,在监禁中 _________

3.担心 _

4.失业 _____

5.青年团 ________


7.爆炸 __ 8.把…投入监狱 _____________

9.当权,上台 10.设立,建立___________________

11.被判处______________ 12.乐于做某事______________

13.积极参与______________ 14.反对,同…斗争______________

15.充当,担任______________ 16.信任,信仰______________

17放弃______________ 18.用和平方式______________

19.以暴力对抗暴力______________ 20.在某点上,就某种意义上来说__________



Read the passage silently and quickly tell whether they are true or false.

(1)Elias met Nelson Mandela at school. ( )

(2)Nelson Mandela was a black lawyer. ( )

(3)Elias was unable to read or write because he was lazy. ( )

(4)Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job。()

(5)Elias was happy blowing up the government buildings. ( )

(6)Nelson Mandela believed that black people were being treated as well as white people in South Africa. ( )

(7)Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people.( )

(8)The government were happy with Nelson Mandela and the ANC ( )

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

1.Elias was unhappy in the prison because______

A. he was kept with the criminals

B. the prison guards studied with him

C. he had to study

D. he could not study for a degree

2.Nelson Mandela showed how good a leader he was because________

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