star wars

Star wars - my favorite sci-fi

1.Get a load of . [美国俚语] 注意,仔细看(常用于表示惊讶或羡慕);注意听,倾听(有趣或令人兴奋的消息);留心,注意到;打量

2.例句:Jane, get a load of that youngling. How handsome he is!

3.Right on target 正中目标

4.Hold one’s ground 坚守阵地;坚持立场

5.Stand back 退后;往后站;置身事外

6.Outthink vt思考得比..更深入;在思想上超越

7.Our droid armies outnumber the Republic clones 100 to 1.

Perhaps. But I have heard that a single Jedi equals 100 battle droids.

8.Exaggerate [ɪg'zædʒəreɪt] vt. 使扩大;使增大;夸大vi. 夸大;夸张

9.Don’t exaggerate不要夸张/ He thinks I'm exaggerating. 他认为我在吹牛。

10.The Jedi are living up to my expectations. 绝地武士没有辜负我的期望

11.Retreat 撤退,退出

12.Successor 继承者;后继的事情

13.Shocked at how far his apprentice had fallen, Kenobi vowed to stop Vader and the two entered into a fierce lightsaber duel. 看到徒弟堕落得如此之深,欧比-万十分震惊,发誓要将他阻止。两人随即陷入一场激烈的光剑决斗。

14.Mindful 留心的,警觉的

15.cannon['kænən] n. 大炮;加农炮;榴弹炮;机关炮vi. 炮轰;开炮vt. 炮轰

16.All cannons fire.

17.I don’t believe in chance. I value your lives more than the weapons.

18.Doing what the Jedi Council says, that’s one thing. How we go about doing it, is another thing.

19.Go about 着手做

20.Things just get a lot worse. 事情变得更糟了。

21.Costly 代价高的;昂贵的

22.Scanner 扫描器,扫描仪

23.Pull through 渡过难关;恢复健康

24.Run out of

25.They sent a child to destroy my station? The republic must be running out of Jedi.

26.Backstabber ['bækstæbɚ]n. 阴谋暗算他人者,背后中伤者

27.Stay out of this. 不要搀和进来

28.Stand aside. 站一边去

29.It’s not over while I’m breathing. 只要我有一口气在,这就没完。

30.Let me test the water first. 让我先探探口风。

31.I will wait and see. 我会拭目以待。

32.Being two-faces. 两面三刀。

33.I don’t blame you for being two-faces. 我不会怪你两面三刀。