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Route to CE marking for EN12150


To apply the CE marking on products intended for usage in buildings is compulsary if a harmonised european standard with reference of annex ZA to the Construction Product Directive is present. This is valid for all EC memberstates and some other countries nearby related to the EC (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Swiss, Norway, Turkey). CE marking is obligatory after the coexistance period, which will end March 2007. Before this time every IGU manufacturer must prepare himself on the CE marking and hEN requirements.


The rules on the level of intervention by third parties is arranged in the Glasmandate 2000/245/EC and in case an tempering plant with reference to EN12150 we do not produce fire-resistant, bullet- and/or explosion resistant tempered glass. There is involvement of the Not.Testing Body (TNO-BU T&C) for testing the product.